MAS RECORDS is a year long artist development programme for new original bands and solo artists. MAS was founded in 2001 by Kevyn Gammond (ex-Band of Joy). With Ricky Wilson (Kaiser Chiefs/The Voice), Karen Harding, Robert Plant (ex-Led Zeppelin) and Karl Hyde (Underworld), Clint Boon (Inspiral Carpets) as its patrons, The MAS H.Q is based in Kidderminster College (part of the NCG Group), and runs in partnership with local education authorities in studios/artist development centres across the country.

 The qualification that the MAS programme is structured around is very beneficial to your CV and progressing you towards a career in the music industry. 


nationwide coaches

Chris Grayston - Southampton 

Lewis Wright - Southampton  

Matt Parisi - Southampton

Daniel Woodward - Liverpool  

Rob Whiteley - Liverpool  

Andrew Parry - Liverpool

Adam Helal- London  

Wizdom Layne - London  

Laurence Hobbs - London  

Savannah Simms - London  

Tara Faruque - London

Matthew Large - London  

Emma Bridgwood - Stoke  

Chris Dulson - Stoke   

Andy Edwards - Kidderminster

Rob Groucutt - Kidderminster

Richard Boxley - Kidderminster

Richard March - Kidderminster

Gary Ibell - Oxford  

David Whittaker - Leeds  

Manni McManus - Leeds  

Daniel Flitcroft - Bath  

Tom Gittins - Warwickshire  

Jonny Amos - Birmingham  

Jonn Penney - Artist Development Lead  

Sue Buckler - National  

Jon Nash - Wolverhampton  

Ryan Pinson - Wolverhampton  

Sheldon Jolly - Bury  

Paul Bowe - Stockport  

Louise Bloomfield - MAS Mind  

Zoe Bell - Bristol  

Leon Curry - Bristol  

Sol Curry - Bristol

Simon Henley - Stourbridge 

Rupert Gammond - Kidderminster  

Kevyn Gammond - Kidderminster 




I just wanted to send a message over to say how great it was that you did the video masterclasses over lockdown. Secondly over the past two days I've been with Ryan, at RML Studios in Wolverhampton. Ryan is absolutely incredible to work with. I cannot stress that enough! Not only as a studio engineer, but also as a producer to help bring out the best in your songs. He's honestly one of the best people I've had the pleasure to work with in the music industry. During these strange and difficult times I feel that It's more important than ever that good news is shared! I hope that this feedback further reinforces what great work you are all doing.

Grant Pritchard - www.grantpritchardmusic.com


I’m having a great time with the masterclasses and today’s (song lab) was really good. I hope we can have more like that! The MAS course is truly inspirational and has opened so many new possibilities for me. It’s been a wonderful experience so far!

Low Mason - www.lowmason.com

Broken Witt Rebels - Video Testimonial


Ricky Wilson - Video Testimonial


Karen Harding - Video Testimonial

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