MAS Records attend SXSW festival in Austin, Texas

Local record label MAS Records, which is also based at Kidderminster College, headed off to SXSW to showcase Worcestershire music to the American audience.

Mighty Atom Smasher is an independent label and development programme founded in 2001 by Kevyn Gammond, with Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin and Karl Hyde of Underworld as its patrons.

Every year they've released new albums and showcased the Midlands' musical talent to the rest of the world - and Scott, who's on a team of five, aimed to do just that in Austin, Texas.

Listen to the interview with Scott, here.



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Equality and Diversity Statement


MAS Records is committed to creating a culture that respects and values each others’ differences, that promotes dignity, equality and diversity and that encourages individuals to develop and maximise their true creative potential.


It is our policy to treat all artists, musicians, employees, customers and associated parties fairly and equally regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, trans-gender status, marital status, civil partnership status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religious belief, political belief, age or disability.



MAS Records is committed to promoting equality and accessibility in all facets of the artist development scheme.

As we are aligned with RSL to deliver our artist development programme we encourage all submitted evidence to be in video format in what we call the 'vegetarian approach' - everyone eats vegetarian! Submitted video evidence is more accessible for everyone as written evidence or other types of assessment can be difficult for some individuals. Video provides a level playing field for all. 


However, if you do need further assisted learning support (ALS) to complete evidence needs for the scheme this is available through contact with the MAS programme leader Stuart Eaves at our main Kidderminster campus via the number or email below.

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