Atlanta House supporting King No-One

Leeds based MAS band 'Atlanta House' supporting 'King No-One' and 'Sound like a Storm' at the Wardrobe. 'Atlanta House' are a Anthemic Indie Rock Five piece working through MAS satellite centre 'Old Chapel'.

"There's now only a week to go before our show at The Wardrobe Leeds supporting the one and only King No-One alongside the lads in Sounds like a Storm. Tickets are selling out fast so get in touch if you want one before they're all gone. We may or may not also have a very special, limited run of merch available to buy at the gig, stay tuned for more on that next week." - Atlanta House

Get more details and buy tickets at the following link!



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As we are aligned with RSL to deliver our artist development programme we encourage all submitted evidence to be in video format in what we call the 'vegetarian approach' - everyone eats vegetarian! Submitted video evidence is more accessible for everyone as written evidence or other types of assessment can be difficult for some individuals. Video provides a level playing field for all. 


However, if you do need further assisted learning support (ALS) to complete evidence needs for the scheme this is available through contact with the MAS programme leader Stuart Eaves at our main Kidderminster campus via the number or email below.

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